Adventure Tourism

Discover the activities we have for you in Flores and Corvo Island


Canyoning is a sport and leisure activity that consists of the descent of a sloped water course, walking along a river...

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We intend to to give customers the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful walk through some of the most charismatic points ...

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Cast in stone walls, “walls” of-hydrangeas, and shortcuts through some vegetation, this walk crosses different landscapes ...

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The opportunity to know the best that has the neighboring island of Flores...

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Places to Visit

Craters, lakes and streams dot the landscape of Flores. The water of the streams flows either lazily at the surface in the central plateau or quickly at the waterfalls and along the long, deep valleys.
  • The Caldeirão is the main element of the island’s landscape and resulted from the collapse of the top of the central volcano of Corvo. This volcanic caldera has an e

  • Named after one of the first settlers, this was probably the first place to be inhabited on this island. There are some wild goats in this fajã.

  • The area between Fajãzinha and Fajã Grande is one of the most beautiful coastlines of the Azores. Through the long green wall that borders this area

  • One of the most famous monuments of the Azores, the rock Rocha dos Bordões is made up by a large set of vertical basalt columns. The prismatic or columnar joi