What is it?

Canyoning is a sport and leisure activity that consists of the descent of a sloped water course, walking along a river/stream, abseiling with ropes, jumping, technical down-climbing and sliding to overcome obstacles.

This water and mountain activity promotes a pure and playful contact with NATURE, allowing the participant the possibility to discover landscapes and places that others can only dream of.

Although there are several levels of difficulty, this activity is available to everyone, taking into account the individual’s skills, knowledge about the activity as well as the safety requirements.


Learn about Canyoning activities we have for you!
  • Adventure

    For all those who have reached a level of more advanced practice, WestCanyon offers you this perfect activity. On an Island with very rough and contrasting landscapes, there are several canyons with

  • Discover

    “Discover” is a product for people with a bit more ambition who already have some more experience in Canyoning, because waterfalls can reach 50 meters, and can also be more technical.

  • Experiences

    “Experiences" is a product that provides you the opportunity to experience a great way of interacting with nature at its purest and most genuine state. For those who have never experienced canyon