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Canyoning is a sport and leisure activity that consists of the descent of a sloped water course, walking along a river/stream, abseiling with ropes, jumping, technical down-climbing and sliding to overcome obstacles.

Discover the Canyoning activities we have for you!


Cast in stone walls, “walls” of-hydrangeas, and shortcuts through some vegetation, this walk crosses different landscapes over the shore. It starts with the lighthouse of Albarnaz, which gradually goes away, the “huge” Islet of MariaVaz, the Islet of Monchique…


This product’s objective is to show our clients a different perspective of all of Flores Island.
Take this opportunity and join us in an unforgettable Tour. See the sights that few have the pleasure to see. Do not just settle for seeing the photos of your friends, be part of the photo too!


Corvo Island is the smallest island of the Azores Archipelago (17 km²) and together with the neighboring island of Flores, form the Western Group.Despite its small size, this island has the only Caldeira of the Western group, commonly known as Caldeirão. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Azores…


The rental of canyoning equipment is daily and the pick up and return of equipment is the client responsability.

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Places to visit

Craters, lakes and streams dot the landscape of Flores. The water of the streams flows either lazily at the surface in the central plateau or quickly at the waterfalls and along the long, deep valleys.