Difficulty level:  medium/high

Approximate duration:  04:00 to 5:00 hours


Lajedo – Fajã Grande

Located in the southwest coast of the Island, this trail was the main “road” between the Villages of Lagedo, Mosteiros, Fajãzinha and Fajã Grande, before the sixties.

Dug through pastures, passing on top of big hills and crossing rivers, this route has a variety of different landscapes and stunning scenery.
Along the walk between the Village of Lajedo and Mosteiros it’s possible to observe the magnificent and unique Rocha dos Bordões, compared to the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, with its huge range of vertical columns that so well characterizes this island.
Following the route and already above the Village of Fajãzinha, you will encounter unimaginable images of beauty which will forever remain in your memory.


Approximate duration: 04:00 to 5:00 hours

Difficulty level: medium/high


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  • Transfer from Santa Cruz

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